Hello, I, Cody Quinn, founder and owner of Codegamerâ„¢ am here to tell you about me and what I do!
I am a small scale developer who just makes things up for fun, and publishes his projects, white many of my projects
probably won't get more than 3 or 4 updates, they are still small fun projects to mess around with/in. Computers are my
pasion, I have loved them sience I was 3 years of age all the way to today, 12 years old, and I dont think computers are
going anywhere in my life, I hope for them to stick around my whole life. Some of my projects on my website will
be full on commited projects that will get lots of updates, but that wont be very many projects at all. Check out all my
projects at the "Projects" page of my website, CYA!